Are you passionate about institutions delivering on the promise of higher education? Excited about introducing deserving students to a program that will shape their lives, and put them on a trajectory better than if they did anything else? Are you a self-starter, yet someone who would thrive as part of a wonderfully diverse global team? If this describes you, you may be the right candidate for the role of Outreach Manager, North America.

About Minerva Schools at KGI

Minerva offers a unique undergraduate experience for the brightest, most motivated students in the world. Combining a reinvented and rigorous curriculum, highly selective admissions, rigorous academic standards, cutting-edge technology, and an immersive global experience, Minerva provides an exceptional education to prepare future leaders and innovators across all disciplines. In 2013 Minerva formed an alliance with Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) to establish the Minerva Schools at KGI. KGI is an accredited institution offering graduate-level professional degrees in addition to the undergraduate degrees and two master’s degrees offered by the Minerva Schools.

Minerva undergraduate students come from all over the world to spend their first year in residence in San Francisco and then live and study in a different major world city every semester thereafter. These rich international experiences provide students with deep global understanding and skills.

Role Overview

Minerva is enrolling bright, talented and intensely curious students who will push themselves to grow intellectually and socially. In order to find and enroll these students, awareness about Minerva’s model and targeted outreach, particularly among key stakeholders, is essential.

For this role Minerva is looking for someone to lead regional outreach, partnerships, awareness-building, and relevant efforts in North America. The position requires a creative mindset to find innovative ways to reach key audiences, the drive to deliver impressive results, and the comfort at working in an entrepreneurial environment. The right person is passionate about the future of higher education, and hungry to make an impact.

The role requires a disciplined individual who can work independently, yet as part of a diverse global team. There will be extensive travel visiting potential partners, students, families, counselors, teachers, administrators and educational organizations across the country (expect ~40% depending on time of year).

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement a student outreach plan, reaching students across North America
  • Work with Minerva's SF-based team to develop and implement marketing campaigns to connect with high potential students in the region.
  • Develop partnerships to build awareness at scale and through dedicated, relevant channels.
  • Help oversee student interns and engage Minerva students in outreach process.
  • Work directly with students and families as they work through their enrollment decisions
  • Speak on behalf of Minerva at conferences, events, and school visits.


  • Bachelor’s degree or more advanced degree from a selective university
  • At least 3-5 years work experience in a professional setting
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent and compelling presenter both in large groups and more intimate settings.
  • Background in fast-paced business (start-up) and education (mission-driven) environments.
  • Experience working in cross-functional environment.
  • Entrepreneurial drive and desire to build something lasting from the ground up.
  • Self-starter with the ability not only to develop the right solutions but also to ask the right questions.
  • Ability to work against tight deadlines under pressure.
  • Excellent analytical skills and ability to make data-driven decisions.
  • Passionate about improving higher education and excited about Minerva's mission and approach

Ideally the position is based in the Northeast (NY, Boston, Washington DC), yet other cities will be considered.