Minerva Project

Do you want to help invent the future of learning online? Do you want to shape software that enables exceptional learning experiences? Minerva Project partners with high schools, higher ed institutions, and corporations to create transformational learning programs based on the science of learning, all of which are taught on our flagship Forum software. As a Product Manager on Minerva’s Product team, you will oversee large parts of Forum to ensure that we retain category leadership in:

  • Using technology to make virtual classroom learning fun, effective, and engaging
  • Data-driven feedback for students, faculty and administrators
  • Developing tools that make it easy to create syllabi and lesson plans that employ the latest understanding of the science of learning.

You can read more about our team and values on our Key Values page.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Help set high-level strategy for the Product & Engineering team
  • Ship the right product at the right time. Deeply understand user requirements and advocate for our users. Combine those insights with key needs of our business.
  • Manage how we build and operate. Work closely with the Product Leadership team and smaller pods of engineers and designers to solve problems, prioritize, and ship product features efficiently.
  • Collaborate closely with academics and educators to push the state of the art in modern education
  • Support our partners and Support teams. Ensure our partners have a great experience on Forum.
  • Contribute to Business Development and Marketing team efforts, ranging from sales calls to creating collateral

Key Skills

  • Relentless Execution - Do what it takes to ensure Forum’s success
  • Strategic Thinking with Tactical Prioritization - Create and curate ideas while making tough day-to-day decisions
  • Exceptional Communication - Excellent writing and editing skills with strong presentation and public speaking skills
  • Growth Mindset - Learn constantly and foster learning for the team
  • Product Sense - Exercise good Product decision-making


  • B.A or B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent technical experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • 3+ years of experience

Nice to have

  • Experience teaching or creating educational programs
  • Familiarity with data/BI systems (e.g. Looker, SQL)


  • We are a globally distributed organization, with an office in San Francisco, CA
    • We welcome 100% remote employees as well as those who prefer to work from the office
  • A Bay Area friendly time zone is preferred

About Minerva Project

Founded in 2011, Minerva Project is the world's leading educational innovator, preparing exceptional, lifelong learners to address the most complex challenges of our time. Minerva's mission, to nurture critical wisdom for the sake of the world, is being pursued through its flagship university programs and select strategic partnerships. Minerva designs and delivers transformative educational programs to learners at multiple stages—from secondary school students to undergraduate and graduate degree candidates to working professionals and executive leaders.

About Forum

Forum is Minerva's core technology platform, delivering the world’s most advanced classroom in service of Minerva’s educational vision. Learn more about Forum at https://www.minervaproject.com/solutions/forum-learning-environment/.