Manager of Student Affairs & Operations, Hyderabad

Job Description

About the Minerva Schools at KGI

Minerva, based in San Francisco, California, offers a unique undergraduate experience for the brightest, most motivated students in the world. Combining a reinvented and rigorous curriculum, highly selective admissions, high academic standards, cutting-edge technology, and an immersive global experience, Minerva provides an exceptional education to prepare future leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators across all disciplines. In 2013 Minerva formed an alliance with Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) to establish the Minerva Schools at KGI. KGI is an accredited institution offering graduate-level professional degrees in addition to the undergraduate degrees offered by the Minerva Schools.

Minerva students come from all over the world to spend their first year in residence in San Francisco, and then live and study in a different major world city every semester thereafter. The locations outside the US include Seoul, Hyderabad, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and London. Minerva Class of 2021 students in their second year will be in Hyderabad, India for a four-month semester in spring 2019. In each city, our team provides housing in a safe and secure environment that enables students to have a rich immersive experience that builds their global understanding and skills.


Minerva is seeking a Manager of Student Affairs & Operations to oversee and run our Hyderabad city operations. Candidates must speak English. The Manager must be from the area and connected to the community so that he/she knows how to operate locally for all the needs stated below. The Manager must have and be able to build strong relationships with government and private organizations and have experience in facilities management, student residential life, student services, student health and safety, people management, staff development, and crisis/emergency management.


The Manager of Student Affairs & Operations is responsible for:

  • City “campus” operations
    • Follow up as needed to re-operationalize the location:
      • Support the global team by liaising with local entities and counsel to meet all legal requirements to operate and house students, including registering an entity, opening bank accounts as needed, arranging for payment of taxes if applicable, etc.
      • Work with the At Home housing facility owner/management to finalize dates and plans for facility takeover, preparations, move-in, etc.
      • Procurement of office supplies as needed, taking items out of storage, and identifying any additional space needs.
      • Work with local partner and Minerva student services to ensure that students (from 50-60 countries) can properly obtain required visas/residence permits and are able to engage in Minerva work-study internships to the extent allowable by law.
      • Recruit, interview, and participate in any hiring processes of local staff.
      • Assist in onboarding and training new local staff and partake in cross-team city ground training.
      • Working with local technology vendor, ensure that the requisite technology in the residence hall supports the offering of classes on the Minerva Active Learning Forum.
      • Ready residence hall for move in of approximately 180 students, starting the first week of January, with any work study students helping with check-in and the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) professional staff member moving in earlier for city set-up.
  • Oversee operational matters during the semester
    • Oversee and monitor operational expenditures.
    • Develop a local emergency management plan and evacuation plan for students and staff. Subsequently train students and staff to follow it and hold simulation drills or exercises. Lead staff in response to crisis and emergency situations.
    • Establish relationships with local hospitals, police and fire departments.
    • Handle issues with visas during the students’ residency, both inbound to city of residence, and outbound with the visa partners in Berlin, Germany in preparation for students’ next global rotation.
    • Deal with issues with management of building, facilities, and technology.
      • Liaise as intermediary between students/Minerva staff and technology provider
      • Set up an IT outage/problem report that feeds through to all stakeholders
      • Set up maintenance request and reporting mechanisms for addressing facility issues
      • Serve as guardian of any residential or common space facility access across Minerva teams; manage calendar of space and meeting/event times
    • Manage ground staff meetings and maintain the calendar of visiting faculty and staff.
      • Facilitate weekly ground staff meetings across SAO, Mental Health, ProfDev and SXP
      • Consult with Technology whenever necessarily
      • Meet with faculty members on-site
      • Manage SAO-specific team meetings

Oversee residential life during the semester.

  • Train and supervise Student Affairs personnel, Residential Assistants (RAs), and assigned work study students.
  • Prepare residence halls for check-ins, inclusive of detailed room checks and inspection for move-in readiness, which are later cross-referenced during mid-semester checks and move-out evaluations.
  • Handle student check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Work collaboratively with the Student Experience team (SXP, ProfDev) to design and present at Elevation, Minerva’s city orientation program, as well as any large-scale class-wide programming offered throughout the semester (i.e., Quinquatria, Continuum):
    • Create the SA programming for Elevation (rules, regulations, safety and security, resources regarding medical, emergency, life set up, neighborhood tours, etc.), inclusive of space securement for any sessions.
    • Lead planning and create SA content for Pre-Departure Orientation for the next global rotation, inclusive of space securement.
  • Handle escalated student issues and concerns both independently and through cross-team collaboration.
  • Ensure the health and safety of students; arrange for mental health programming and support with guidance from SF team; participate in the Community Care Initiative designed to identify students needing support and provide behavioral interventions.
  • Develop clear instructions for students to access and use their health insurance locally.
  • Develop student life programming in coordination with Minerva headquarters and the local Student Experience team.
  • Assist with ongoing compliance with HR and immigration regulations related to entry into the country and employment/internship eligibility for international students and employees (as needed).
  • Monitor and enforce processes and policies related to complex US and local regulations of colleges/students regarding: prohibited sexual conduct, anti-discrimination, alcohol and drugs, posting of data on criminal activity in and near residence halls, health and safety, and accommodation of students with disabilities.
  • Handle incidents and disciplinary matters in keeping with Minerva policy on conduct.
  • Be available and on-call as requested.

Oversee close-out of city “campus” operations

  • Manage residence equipment and furniture after check-out: selling, donating, or placing into storage.
  • Close out of technology equipment and suspension or termination of services with technology provider until return of operations in this rotation.
  • Settlement with housing facility on any damages or fees incurred; billing to student accounts with Minerva Student Finance at HQ.
  • Write-up of final detailed city report with lessons learned and recommendations for future.
  • Reconciliation of all expenses against city budget.
  • Close out contracts, make sure security deposits are returned, shut down any accounts.
  • Informational transfer and assistance in training staff in the next global rotation on student caseloads, institutional and contextual history, and any additional recommendations.


  • Bachelor's Degree required, Master’s preferred
  • 5-8 years of university-level student affairs/operations in a leadership/management role preferred
  • Experience in international operations
  • Experience in community engagement and relations
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise sensitivity and respect to other cultures, politics, values and modes of communication
  • Ability to work well under pressure and manage multiple concurrent projects in a demanding fast paced environment
  • Capacity to engage in video calls across global time zones
  • Strong sense of discretion, confidentiality and tact
  • Excellent written skills and attention to detail
  • Comfortable using and learning new technology
  • Fluent in English

Skills/Personal Attributes

  • Problem-solver; desire to build something new
  • Passionate about international education and student development
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to listen and to interact well with people from all levels of internal and external organizations
  • Ability to build a high-functioning team
  • Relevant experience in team leadership and development
  • Strong facilitation skills
  • Ability to adapt in a constantly changing environment
  • Compassionate empathy in dealing with student concerns, sensitivities, and crises, tempered by facilitating fair and just proceedings that are handled consistently and reliably across extenuating circumstances among the student body
  • Student orientated and an extremely clear communicator
  • Flexible and open to doing things in new ways and living with ambiguity
  • Empathetic and caring, high in grit and resilience
  • Takes proactive initiative

Reporting and Internal Collaboration

  • Reports to Global Director of Student Affairs at Headquarters in SF
  • Liaise with Director of Global Student Services
  • Trains and supervises local Student Affairs personnel and Residential Assistants
  • Collaborates with local Mental Health, Student Experience, Professional Development, and Academic personnel

Contract and Expected Start Date

Seven-month contract [exact start date to be determined, usually part-time starting one to two months before semester begins then full-time one month before the term; and part-time for one to two weeks after the term ends]. We are aiming to hire by mid-October 2018. For fall: November part-time; December-April full-time; first week of May part-time.